Sunday, February 28, 2016

Don't Take the Bait

What a weekend! God is good. I like to think that a true reflection of growth is knowing when the enemy is trying to bait you and resisting that said temptation. This weekend I got a good lesson on this topic. People are quick to flip the tables to cover their own insecurities and mistakes.

However, my response was to stand on the Word. We don't have to entertain or counsel demons when it comes to argumentative people. Speak the Word, pray for them, then let it go. If God puts it on your heart to bless them in a certain way, then do it, but don't get dragged into a pity party with them. Iron sharpens iron. We are to lift up and encourage one another. God called us unto Himself so that we may be highly favored and blessed without measure. You have the right to say no to toxic situations. You can shut it down at the beginning.