Thursday, January 19, 2017

Comfort Zones

Sometimes waiting for the right moment (to make a move) can be a waste of time, especially if the ‘right time’ you’re waiting on includes you feeling 100% comfortable. Sometimes God will push us to shift during times when we feel the most uncomfortable with leaving a situation or season that brings us comfort. However, comfort isn’t always a good thing. Comfort just means familiarity in one aspect.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Casting Cares

Sadly, people would rather believe a lie over the truth. Personally, I hate being lied on and falsely accused, but then again who doesn't? It hurts and it can be frustrating, especially when it comes from people close to you. However, as I continue to spend time with Christ, I am reminded that matters such as these fall into the category of the cares we are supposed to cast toward God.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Grateful & Blessed

Yesterday was my 31st birthday! Hallelujah!

As I reflect on everything I’ve been through in the past year, I can truly say I have been kept by Jesus. Lately, in my journey, I feel that I’ve been shifted into a new season with new (clever) enemies. I couldn’t begin to tell you the number of interesting ways the enemy has gotten a good lick in on me in the past year but neither would I want to because for each time the enemy came at me Jesus showed up and showed out. I don’t want to talk about what the enemy tried to do. I want to talk about how Jesus got me through it.

In Jesus I have the best spiritual representation. In this new season I’ve learned that it is during the hardest times that you will discover your strength. When I’m at my weakest, God is at His strongest. He is the source of my strength and I wouldn’t be where I am without Him. He interferes on my behalf, making sure that my way is paved with favor and blessings.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

I Called out to Him

I'm just getting home. As I sit down to reflect on today from a professional and personal perspective, I must admit that I feel so grateful and thankful. This season has been difficult for me on so many levels and the newness of it is requiring that I renew my mind and stretch my faith in order to keep up with where God is trying to take me. You know what people say, 'new levels new devils'. What I used to defeat the enemy in a prior season may not necessarily work in this season or a future one. I must remain faithful and committed to all of my assignments and in my relationship with Christ if I am to be a step ahead of the enemy.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Burning Bridges Based on Assumptions

Assumptions are the lowest form of knowledge. Sometimes we fester on possibilities, especially when it comes to people. Sometimes we will assume someone is harboring negative intentions towards us without even bothering to get the facts. Our pride and our bad habit of nurturing past offenses can cause us to misidentify who are our enemies and friends. As a result, we build ourselves up through festering which in turn all we're really doing is getting pre-agitated (yes I made a word up lol) and tense. In actuality though all this does is make things worse. Many of us take things further and plan a method of revenge against something that hasn't even happened because we've allowed ourselves to get hyped up over an assumption. We try to get them before they can get us.
Instead of confronting our family member, friend, or coworker in the beginning when offense first takes root, we will harbor resentment until it becomes a bad habit. Then we explode and out comes the words and actions we later wish we could take back. Petty situations then turn into broken hearts and ruined opportunities for greatness.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Faith Requires Action

Are you making the best use of your time? 
Do you know what you want? What do you desire? Now with the answer to this question in mind, let me ask you again. Are you making the best use of your time? Have you set goals and deadlines that are in line with what you desire? These are some of the questions I am asking myself as I reevaluate what I want out of 2016 and beyond. My time management skills need more structure and I am not ashamed to admit that I have an issue.