Monday, March 28, 2016

Burning Bridges Based on Assumptions

Assumptions are the lowest form of knowledge. Sometimes we fester on possibilities, especially when it comes to people. Sometimes we will assume someone is harboring negative intentions towards us without even bothering to get the facts. Our pride and our bad habit of nurturing past offenses can cause us to misidentify who are our enemies and friends. As a result, we build ourselves up through festering which in turn all we're really doing is getting pre-agitated (yes I made a word up lol) and tense. In actuality though all this does is make things worse. Many of us take things further and plan a method of revenge against something that hasn't even happened because we've allowed ourselves to get hyped up over an assumption. We try to get them before they can get us.
Instead of confronting our family member, friend, or coworker in the beginning when offense first takes root, we will harbor resentment until it becomes a bad habit. Then we explode and out comes the words and actions we later wish we could take back. Petty situations then turn into broken hearts and ruined opportunities for greatness.

How many of us have ended personal and professional relationships based on assumptions instead of facts? How many situations have we made worse by our mishandling of them? How many valuable bridges have we burned because of our unwillingness to humble ourselves and trust God to handle all of our issues?

God has made it clear through His Word what our offensive and defensive structure should look like. Revenge is not our goal. Worrying is not our goal. Unforgiveness is not our goal either. Our character should mirror the character of Christ. This is the best structure for our spirit.

Do not nurture your offenses. Deal with them properly or they will deal with you. We should not fester on anything. We should cast all of our cares to God. Offenses can poison or spirit. Furthermore, get the facts. Don't assume anything because if we’re holding onto any type of hurt it can affect our ability to respond to situations in the spirit.

This is what I’m getting at here: the devil wants us to operate in the negative in all areas of our lives. He wants to take our focus away from our heavenly assignment. He wants our relationships to be ruined. However, the devil will never catch up to God. God is blessing us faster than the thief can steal from us. God intends for us to operate in the overflow in all areas of our lives. Just trust Him.

If you take away nothing else from this post, please remember this: allow God to order your steps. He does not want us to worry or stress. He wants us to be free.

Protect your thoughts and guard your heart. Be careful of who you identify as an enemy and friend.

God bless you all.
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