Thursday, June 9, 2016

I Called out to Him

I'm just getting home. As I sit down to reflect on today from a professional and personal perspective, I must admit that I feel so grateful and thankful. This season has been difficult for me on so many levels and the newness of it is requiring that I renew my mind and stretch my faith in order to keep up with where God is trying to take me. You know what people say, 'new levels new devils'. What I used to defeat the enemy in a prior season may not necessarily work in this season or a future one. I must remain faithful and committed to all of my assignments and in my relationship with Christ if I am to be a step ahead of the enemy.
I want to succeed in fulfilling my current spiritual assignments and the growing pains that come with this are intense. However, this is why I'm grateful and thankful. I'm grateful for the blood that covers me and I'm thankful to my loved ones who keep me covered in prayer. I'm especially thankful to God because I know it is only by His Grace that I have made it this far. His favor is amazing and I don't deserve His unyielding love. However here He is and here I am…humbled by His mercy.

Whenever I feel troubled in my spirit I call out to Jesus and His presence chases away anything and everything that conflicts with His light and love. Today I found myself doing this very thing.
Dark and light cannot abide in the same place. Feeding my faith and starving my doubts is an ongoing battle for me but every time I block a seed of doubt I know I’m simultaneously planting a seed of faith.

I just want to say if you've been feeling spiritually beat up on by the enemy, please hold on and call upon Jesus. Tie a knot and hold on tight. You will come out of this season stronger then when you went into it. you may have scars but they’re just a testimony and evidence of God’s healing.
Hold on and be encouraged. God bless you all.
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