Saturday, March 19, 2016

Faith Requires Action

Are you making the best use of your time? 
Do you know what you want? What do you desire? Now with the answer to this question in mind, let me ask you again. Are you making the best use of your time? Have you set goals and deadlines that are in line with what you desire? These are some of the questions I am asking myself as I reevaluate what I want out of 2016 and beyond. My time management skills need more structure and I am not ashamed to admit that I have an issue.
I can’t get past a problem if I continue to ignore it like it’s not even there. Moreover, this is where I am right now. I am taking a moment to press pause so I can look at my current settings in terms of where I am located at on my path.
If you’re human like me, then you’ve found yourself off track on more than one occasion. That’s fine. Just pause, press reset, and then start again. Make corrections where you see they’re necessary. Don’t wait until they pile up in your queue.
You deserve the benefits of victory. However, you’ll never get there if you’re not instilling the right amount of discipline and consistency necessary for breakthroughs. Tighten up and encourage yourself along the way. Remember why you desire that goal.
If you take nothing else away from this post, please grasp this: a failure to plan is a plan for failure. Additionally, plans do us no good if we don’t have the skill set necessary to stick to them and see them out. This applies to all areas of our lives, professionally and personally.
You have to fight to stay committed but that’s a post for a different day. If you feel yourself getting burned out or lagging behind, you have a responsibility to feed your thoughts with positivity as you remind yourself why you want this in the first place. You also have to ask yourself what source of power you are pulling from. Are you relying on self-effort, which has many limitations or are you relying on the unlimited power of God that is in you?
Our desires are connected to our calling and they are directly linked to the vision that God has for us in our lives. There is a greater power at work on the inside of us. He has equipped us with everything we need to see that our dreams become reality. We just have to remember that faith without works is dead.
So think deeply before you answer again. Are you making the best use of your time? 
Believe in yourself. God bless you all.
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